February 2024

February Events

We are happy to announce Khenpo Tenkyong will join us for a teaching on February 1st. Also, we will continue our Ngöndro sessions this month with Lama Kathy on February 22nd.

As a reminder, we will start with a 15-minute quiet meditation at 6:15 PST. Our regular teaching will commence at 6:30 PST and end at 7:30 PST.

During the Zoom sessions with our Lamas, we ask that you please keep your questions short and relevant to the topic. We also ask that you type your questions in the chat window, which helps our teachers get through all the questions promptly.

Looking forward to seeing you all,
Your Santa Monica KTC Dharma family
  • February 1 | Khenpo Tenkyong – Guide to a wise Daily Meditation practice
  • February 8 | Lama Kathy – Joy of Living Book Study
  • February 15 | Lama Adam On the Wings of Wisdom and Compassion
  • February 22 | Lama Kathy – Ngöndro
  • February 29 | Chenrezig Practice
February 1
Khenpo Tenkyong – Guide to a wise Daily Meditation practice
Khenpo Tenkyong will give an insightful exploration into the art of wise daily meditation. Drawing from Buddha’s teachings, discover practical insights to integrate mindfulness seamlessly into your everyday life.

Explore the essence of meditation as a transformative tool for modern living. Khenpo Tenkyong will share key elements for a sustainable meditation routine, emphasizing consistency, mindfulness in action, and unwavering focus amidst life’s distractions.
February 8
Joyful Wisdom Book study with Lama Kathy
Lama Kathy will teach Rinpoche’s illuminating perspective which addresses the timeless problem of anxiety in our everyday lives. “From the 2,500-year-old perspective of Buddhism,” Rinpoche writes, “every chapter in human history could be described as an ‘age of anxiety.’ The anxiety we feel now has been part of the human condition for centuries.”

So what do we do? Escape or succumb? Both routes inevitably lead to more complications and problems in our lives. “Buddhism,” he says, “offers a third option. We can look directly at the disturbing emotions and other problems we experience as stepping stones to freedom. Instead of rejecting or surrendering to them, we can befriend them, working through them to reach an enduring authentic experience of our inherent Wisdom, confidence, clarity, and joy.”
February 15
On the Wings of Wisdom and Compassion with Lama Adam
Most of us begin meditation by learning to let go. Through practices such as calm-abiding meditation, we notice thoughts and concepts, then repeatedly train in letting them go. This is not a complete path to the rich experience of awakening, though, as our daily lives continually demonstrate that, in fact, there are plenty of things we do need to pick up. Discerning what is to be adopted and how to do so is, in many ways, the territory of Lojong, or “mind training”, which is best known for its hallmark practice of taking and sending (tong-len) and its list of 59 pithy slogans.

This series of discussions will explore the Lojong teachings found in Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche’s Great Path of Awakening, as expanded on by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in his book Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness. With guided practice and discussion, we’ll extend our understanding of the relationship between compassion and non-conceptuality and why they are considered to be like the two wings of a bird, both necessary for us to take flight.
February 22
Lama Kathy – Ngöndro
Lama Kathy will teach on Ngöndro, often called the “preliminary practices” in Tibetan Buddhism.

Ngöndro lays the foundation for a practitioner’s spiritual journey. These foundational practices are designed to purify the mind, accumulate merit, and establish a strong framework for advanced Vajrayana practices. Typically consisting of prostrations, Vajrasattva purification, mandala offerings, guru yoga, and mantra recitations, Ngöndro is a profound and systematic way to prepare the practitioner for higher levels of meditation and realization. Through diligence in these practices, individuals aim to transform their ordinary perception and purify obstacles on the path to enlightenment. Ngöndro serves as a transformative and purifying process, fostering a deep connection to one’s spiritual path and the wisdom of the tradition.

Lama Kathy will answer any questions, whether you are already practicing or just thinking about starting.
February 29
Chenrezig Practice
Chenrezig’s practice is a profound meditation that cultivates compassion and loving-kindness. This practice is open to all, it will be in English and Tibetan, and we encourage everyone to participate and experience its transformative effects.

Chenrezig, also known as Avalokiteshvara, embodies compassion in Tibetan Buddhism. Through this practice, we tap into the limitless wellspring of compassion within ourselves and extend it to all sentient beings. It is a beautiful opportunity to nurture our hearts, deepen our connection with others, and bring positive change into the world.

No matter your experience or familiarity with the practice, we welcome you to join us. As a compassionate community, we will create a collective space of love, kindness, and healing energy.

Let us unite in our dedication to cultivating compassion and making a positive difference in the world.

ZOOM credentials for our regular sessions will remain the same, starting at 6:15 PM PST:

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+1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 815 7439 2660

Please be mindful, mute yourself, and keep questions to a maximum of two, concise and to the point. We can arrange an interview with the teacher if you have more in-depth questions.

Inspirational Quote:
Resting in a deep meditative state, we look at the mind that is still and see that it is empty of any nature of its own—it is nothing other than luminosity and emptiness. Then we look at the mind that is moving—thoughts arise and are released on their own. When we look at the still mind and the moving mind through this technique, we discover that they do not have different natures: they are both empty of any nature that is truly their own. From that point of view, the still mind and the moving mind cannot be differentiated, for their nature is emptiness.
Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

Teaching Link:
Energetic Breathing for Waking Up with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
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