Prayers for A Time of Pandemic – Webcasts with His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa

His Holiness Karmapa to Lead Seven-Day Prayer Event Beginning Saturday

In this unprecedented time of fear and concern over the Coronavirus pandemic, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje, has announced a seven-day prayer event to quell fear, bring harmony and healing to the world and pray for those who have lost their lives to the disease.

The “Prayers for A Time of Pandemic” vigil will take place for one hour per day for seven days beginning at 7AM PST Saturday April 18, and will include a selection of prayers specially chosen for the occasion by His Holiness. The schedule for the hour-long daily prayer sessions is given below.

Each prayer session will be led by His Holiness via webcast, accompanied by a worldwide community of monks, nuns, and laypeople. 

In announcing the prayer session this week, His Holiness said the Coronavirus pandemic has confronted humanity with the truth of impermanence and its associated fears, but said prayer and spiritual practice can help us cope with our circumstances. 

“We must do what we can not to panic and instead look inside ourselves,” His Holiness said. “For example, many things we ordinarily take for granted are actually incredibly precious. We should relax think about our normal good health and what a great happiness it is to have people who are dear to us. Then we can use this crisis to improve ourselves.” 

His Holiness reminded us that behind disease statistics quoted in the news is a greater truth. “Each one of them is a living, breathing person.” His Holiness said. He singled out doctors and medical professionals and praised their sacrifice. “It is very important that we all express our appreciation, support, and praise for them,” His Holiness said.

Thus to show how Buddhists support everyone during this difficult time, His Holiness said, “We can all pray together for world peace and for the epidemic to be quelled. So I would ask everyone to pray together for everyone in the world to be happy and for this pandemic to quickly pass.”
Led by His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the Schedule for Chanting Together Practices to Overcome the Coronavirus
Daily at 7 AM  Pacific Time

April 18: The Heart Sutra with the Repulsion of Maras

April 19: The Noble Aspiration for Excellent Conduct & the Sutra in Three Sections

April 20: Sutras of the Dharani of Akshobhya 

April 21: Praises of the Twenty-One Taras with the Benefits 

April 22: Supplications to Guru Rinpoche

April 23: A Prayer for Rebirth in the Pure Realm of Sukhavati

April 24: Selected Dharani Mantras, The Prayer That Saved Sakya from Illness, and Appeasing the Discord of the Mamos

At the time of the event, go to Karmapas main youtube page here:

and check in the section “Recent Activities” for the new session to come up. It should be the first one showing in the list

Download the Prayers for a Time of Pandemic Prayerbook:
Prayers for a Time of Pandemic 

We pray that this health crisis is resolved quickly. 

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