March Events

Dear Dharma family,

Please join us this March, as Lama Karma, Lama Kathy, and Lama Adam will continue to teach at our Sangha.

Weekly meetings are on Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:15 PM PST via Zoom.
Invites will be sent on the day of each event.

Looking forward to seeing you all.Karmapa Khyenno!
Your Dharma Family at Santa Monica KTC

March 2 |  Dharma Discussion
March 9 | Chenrezig Practice
March 16 | Lama Adam – Compassionate Communication
March 23 | Lama Kathy – Joy of Living Book Study
March 30 | Lama Karma – Guided Meditation

March 2
Dharma DiscussionJoin us in a casual discussion of all things Dharma related.

March 9
Chenrezig Practice.
Chenrezig Practice in English and Tibetan.

March 16
Compassionate Communication Pt. 3 with Lama Adam.

The Buddha established the equality of all beings by our common need to be happy and to avoid suffering.  If that’s true, why does it seem like we have so much to argue about? 

In this final talk in the series, we’ll learn how to bring our internal experience of feelings and needs into productive dialogue with the outer world through communicating observations unburdened by our projections, and through making clear requests with an openness to “no”.

March 23
Joyful Wisdom Book study with Lama KathyLama Kathy will teach Rinpoche’s illuminating perspective which addresses the timeless problem of anxiety in our everyday lives. “From the 2,500-year-old perspective of Buddhism,” Rinpoche writes, “every chapter in human history could be described as an ‘age of anxiety.’ The anxiety we feel now has been part of the human condition for centuries.”So what do we do? Escape or succumb? Both routes inevitably lead to more complications and problems in our lives. “Buddhism,” he says, “offers a third option. We can look directly at the disturbing emotions and other problems we experience as stepping stones to freedom. Instead of rejecting or surrendering to them, we can befriend them, working through them to reach an enduring authentic experience of our inherent Wisdom, confidence, clarity, and joy.”

March 30
Guided Practice with Lama Karma
Lama Karma will lead us in guided practice and discussion.

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Inspirational Quote:
“A meditation technique used a great deal in Tibetan Buddhism is uniting the mind with the sound of a mantra. The definition of mantra is “that which protects the mind.” That which protects the mind from negativity, or which protects you from your own mind, is mantra.

When you are nervous, disoriented, or emotionally fragile, inspired chanting or reciting of a mantra can change the state of your mind completely, by transforming its energy and atmosphere. How is this possible? Mantra is the essence of sound, the embodiment of the truth in the form of sound. Each syllable is impregnated with spiritual power, condenses a deep spiritual truth, and vibrates with the blessing of the speech of the buddhas. It is also said that the mind rides on the subtle energy of the breath, the prana, which moves through and purifies the subtle channels of the body. So when you chant a mantra, you are charging your breath and energy with the energy of the mantra, and so working directly on your mind and your subtle body.”
Rigpa Glimpse of the Day 

Teaching Link:
Is Meditation a Cop-out? – with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
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