December Events

Dear Dharma family,

Lama Kathy will guide us in a Chenrezig practice session on December 1. On the following Thursday our Sangha members Charles and Daniel will talk about their experience at Ser Cho Ling and the Nyungne practice. 
Lama Adam will round out the year, teaching on December 15. 
Our session will resume in the new year. 
Happy holidays to you all!

Weekly meetings are on Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:15 PM PST via Zoom.
Invites will be sent on the day of each event.

December 1 |  Lama Kathy | Guided Chenrezig Practice
December 8 | Charles and Daniel  |Nyungme discussion
December 15 |  Lama Adam | TBA

Donations for Lama Adam and Lama Kathy

Lama Kathy Wesley and Lama Adam Berner

Looking forward to seeing you all.Karmapa Khyenno!Your Dharma Family at Santa Monica KTC
ZOOM credentials for our regular sessions will remain the same:

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Inspirational Quote:
“The nature of the mind, the essence of the mind, is empty. But is this emptiness just blank, inanimate nothingness? No. It is clear in that it can know things; it is able to understand and be aware of things. This is what is meant by clarity. The essence of this clarity is empty, and the essence of the emptiness is clarity. We can establish this through logic and inference, and by doing so we can develop certainty about the union of clarity and emptiness. We can also experience it in meditation. Through meditative experiences, we can come to know that the nature of mind is clarity inseparable from emptiness.”
Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

Teaching Link:
Mingyur Rinpoche: How to Prevent Burnout
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