Lama Karma Drodhul - Refuge Ceremony

Refuge will be offered after the second session on Saturday, August 17.

Understanding the Importance of Taking Refuge

Taking Refuge is the formal ceremony where individuals affirm their commitment to Buddhism, marking the beginning of their Buddhist journey. This practice is continuously renewed throughout a Buddhist’s life, symbolizing an ongoing commitment until enlightenment. Refuge involves placing trust and faith in the Buddha, Dharma (teachings), and Sangha (community), which guide practitioners toward spiritual growth. It’s more than a ritual—Refuge is a deep, meaningful practice repeated with increasing understanding and sincerity. By taking Refuge, we seek shelter from life’s challenges and commit to embodying the Buddha’s teachings.

 It’s customary to bring a kata (white scarf) to present to the Lama and any monetary donation you might wish to offer in an envelope (not required but generous and customary) for taking Refuge. Katas will be available if you do not have one.

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